Railway transportation

Now the railway transportation plays the important role in functioning and development of the commodity market of the country, in satisfaction of requirement of the population in movement. It is the basic link of transport system of Ukraine and CIS country.

■ construction possibility in any overland territory, by means of bridges, tunnels and ferries;
■ mass character of transportations and high ability of railways; universality of use for transportations of various cargoes and possibility of mass transportations of cargoes with a great speed;
■ a regularity of transportations irrespective of a season, time of days and weather;
■ rather low cost price of transportations in comparison with other types of transport, except the pipeline.

Presence of contracts with partners in Ukraine and other countries allows SpecialTransExpert to organise rail transportation on all railways of Ukraine, in/from the countries of Europe, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the countries of Baltic region, China and others.

Wide experience of employee’s multimodal transportations allows to find optimum schemes of delivery of difficult cargoes in realisation (building materials of the non-standard sizes, the dimensional both oversized equipment and the technician, dangerous cargoes).


The list of forwarding services by transportation by rail includes:

– railroad rate payment;
– in case of transportation of dimensional and oversized cargoes on an open rolling stock working out and the statement of the scheme of loading and cargo fastening;
– services cargosending, registration of waybills and a full package documentation;
– tracing of movement of cars on all transit; informing of the client on sending and on cargo arrival on appointment station;
– the organisation of all kinds of an overload, consolidation and storage in Ukraine and the majority of the countries of Europe, under all kinds of the customs control and without it (in case of absence);


By additional inquiry and the coordination we can carry out:

– the order and the coordination of the plan of cargo rail transportation;
– registration of all necessary certificates;
– the control of loading of the goods, weighing and sealing cars;
– customs registration of export-import and transit cargoes;
– insurance of cargoes for the period of transportation;


Calculation of the complex rate is made for each sending separately and depends on stations of departure and appointment, the name and a code of cargo, volume of the cargo, a necessary rolling stock, loading of one car, a transportation mode.

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