Warehousing, customs brokerage services

Practical experience of experts of the company of SpecialTransExpert and the effective approach to work, allows us to develop successfully some the basic directions of activity, such as CUSTOMS REGISTRATION, EKSPEDITION and WAREHOUSE SERVICES. We can offer interested clients not only full spectrum of logistical services, but also the interesting decisions, capable to satisfy your inquiries.

Our experts will consult you on all questions, connected with the customs legislation, namely:
• the help by preparation of contracts and packing documents
• Customs registration of cargoes in different modes (import, export, temporary import and export)
• Accreditation in customs of Ukraine
• Registration of letters of coordination (striking off in other customs)
• Reception of all necessary allowing documents of state structures (certification, ecology, the sanitary-and-hygienic conclusions)
• Definition of codes of the goods with reception of the conclusions in the Central customs laboratory, the preliminary conclusions in the Kiev regional customs

The considerable operational experience in logistical branch has shown that only granting of the complex services including not only the decision of customs and forwarding problems, but also possibility of rent of warehouses in Kyiv and area, allow to organise and direct as much as possible effectively a cargo stream, thereby, simplifying a chain “seller-buyer”. And it directly affects on time and economic efficiency of a turnover of goods.

Besides, our warehouses, and also warehouses of our partners in Kiev and area have very favourable geographical position that considerably accelerates a turnover of goods, and positively influences efficiency of an expenditure of financial assets. And the skilled personnel, allows us not only to render warehouse services at the highest level, but also to process any cargoes.

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